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Role of Staffing Agencies in Today’s Businesses | Staff 24/7
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Role of Staffing Agencies in Today’s Businesses

July 25, 2017 0Job Market

Who hasn’t used or at least heard of online dating websites! right? If by any chance you haven’t, then let me tell you what these sites do. “Online Dating let you find the kind of person you are searching for….”. Now, how is that done? Well, you tell the website about the kind of person you are searching for. These websites then screen out different profiles for you to find you the persons that meet your criteria. Ta da…..

Staffing agencies get a lot of job applications every day and also hear from organizations about their recruitment needs.Hold on! what? I mean why would an organization want staffing agencies to recruit for them when they have got their own Human Resources?

Well, “Staffing agencies are today’s matchmakers between employers and prospective employees”. These agencies screen out best suitable candidates for the positions you want to hire for.

According to a research done in 2013 by Staffing Industry Analysts who compile data and do research on staffing industry on a global scale has ranked Canda at number 8th position. Canada had a 3% share in Staffing industry which made it $13 Billion then.

Staffing agencies understand your business needs. In a business when it comes to workforce you can have peaks and valleys. Maybe the number of employees you want in summer season is more than you want in fall. Maybe one of your managers is leaving the company because he is moving to a different state or country.
Maybe you just need an IT guy for this one project you got. In all such situations, staffing agencies can be your solution. Staffing agencies can provide workers with needed skills for your summer season jobs, they can help you replace your leaving manager in a shorter time. You can also find your IT guy for your project through these agencies.


Now look at the hiring process, first, the company advertises for the job, then collect resumes, then conduct interviews and then hire from among the candidates interviewed. This process is both time consuming and costs a lot of money. When it comes to hiring through staffing agencies, the companies save both their time as well as money. This way companies don’t have to spend much time as the staffing agencies are doing their job in searching and interviewing candidates for the position/s that company is hiring for.
Secondly, the company is also skipping those advertising and interviewing costs. Last but not least, staffing agencies offer to provide temporary to permanent employees. This way if you like the employee, you can keep him but if you want someone even


Another very contributing factor from staffing agencies to today’s labor-intensive job market is, staffing agencies can provide you general labor of all kinds of skills and abilities in big volumes. Let’s say that a company just built a new warehouse in Toronto and needs at least 200 new employees to work in that warehouse. Well if that company is going to do the whole hiring process on its own, it is a lot of money and even more time.
However, if the company assigns this task to staffing agencies, they can provide that warehouse with those 200 needed workers in a very short time and without costing much money. This way the company can start operating its warehouse in a matter of days than spending weeks in searching the required workers. Bonus point! Some staffing agencies already provide their every new employee with worker health and safety training in compliance with their state and federal labor laws.


Summing up the whole article, it would be fair to say that staffing or employment agencies are playing a very pivotal role in today’s business environment. These agencies are working their best to facilitate businesses/organizations with their recruitment needs. Businesses be like a startup or a multi-billion corporation, all can benefit from the services offered by staffing agencies. So, if you are looking to hire new employee/s, save your time and have Staffing agencies to assist you.

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